Easy Jazz FM

Free Cool Jazz. To listen, click the play button.

Easy Jazz FM is the web's cool jazz station.

We have no ads; do not charge a subscription or ask for donations, and feature no useless chatter. In other words - 100% free 24/7 music. We're doing this because of our passion and love for jazz. We are privately financed, part of the Live365 network, and fully licensed for access anywhere in the United States, Canada and the UK.

If you do not live in North America or the UK, or you just want to try something different - go to our worldwide radio service, Jazz Planet Radio, at this web address: https://jazzplanetradio.com


1. On the web: easyjazz.fm or easyjazzradio.com
2. Use an app: MyTuner, or Live365. (In the app, search for "Easy Jazz FM").
3. Through a radio directory: myTuner, radiocanadaonline or listenradioonline.
4. On your TV: In Roku, add the "MyTuner" channel and search for "Easy Jazz FM".