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Escape the Noise!

For Lovers of Quiet Jazz

Easy Jazz FM was created out of a love for soft jazz.

Easy Jazz FM is a commercial-free Internet radio station featuring slow and medium paced jazz music that has captured the hearts of jazz lovers everywhere. Our goal is simple. To help our listeners relax in this crazy world. Easy Jazz FM is fully licensed for airing in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We're also working on licenses for other countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

The station has no commercials, is a free public service and is privately financed by the media company "Galbraith Communications" operated entirely by volunteers.
Radio Shows

High Quality Jazz Programming

In addition to live streaming great jazz music, Easy Jazz FM also has its own production department - producing popular radio jazz shows being aired by jazz radio stations around the world.

Accomplished jazz artists and researchers JC Sol, John Armato, Ross Morgan and Cory Galbraith host their own programs airing every month. Their shows capture the history, culture and innovation of jazz music while providing fascinating insights and backstories on the performers they feature. You can hear all our episodes on demand at: https://mixcloud.com/easyjazzfm




Radio Stations

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Other Services

Radio and TV

More Great Music and Videos.

Easy Jazz FM also owns and operates two other great radio stations plus a TV channel that features music videos from independent jazz artists!

Classic Jazz FM: https://classicjazz.fm
Classical FM Radio: https://classicalfmradio.com
Easy Jazz TV: https://easyjazz.tv